Cool conference swag finds at ONA19’s Exhibit Hall and Midway


With all the costs involved with attending a conference, swag is the one thing you can get for free. Take a look below at our top picks of the most interesting swag you can find at the exhibit hall and Midway.

The last chance to snag your freebies is Saturday, Sept. 14, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the third floor of the Sheraton in Napoleon Ballroom.

Taboola: USB powered computer mini vacuum cleaner

You can keep your laptop clean with this USB powered mini computer vacuum cleaner from the Taboola booth. (Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin)

First Draft: Postcards 

In need of some colorful stationary for your desk? Pick up a postcard with a greeting of your choice from First Draft News. (Photo by: Kynala Phillips)

NPR: Plug & Play “All Things Considered” car adapter

Want to play NPR’s “All Things Considered” in your car? Swing by the NPR booth for a plug and play car adapter. (Photo by: Kynala Philips)

Chartbeat: “Take The Lede” assortment gear

If you visit the Chartbeat booth, you’ll find “Take The Lede” Moleskine notebooks, tote bags and stickers. (Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin)

Trint: Clever mints 

In the need of a mint? Trint’s booth has personalized mint tablets for “transcription relief.” (Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin)

Pugpig: Snarky tote bags

“Write Drunk: edit sober.” and “I am silently judging your grammar” are two tote bag options at the Pugpig table booth. (Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin) Assorted green food

At the booth, you can find a variety of specialty green foods and treats throughout the day. On Friday, had a bowl of spinach dip and chips. (Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin)

Social News Desk: Instagram ‘like’ notification mugs

If you’re a fan of Instagram likes, stop by the Social News Desk booth for a Instagram-notification-themed mug. (Photo by: Jazmin Goodwin)

Kynala Phillips contributed to this story.

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