Got too much swag? Here are some tips to help you pack for home.


You know the routine. You go to a conference. You bring enough stuff for the exact duration of the trip. But when it’s time to pack, there’s something you forgot to account for: All the merchandise, better known as “swag” — t-shirts, mugs, bags, and flash drives that you pick up during the event.

Sitting in front of your luggage, the question becomes: How am I going to get all this stuff to fit?

Before you pack your newly acquired items next to the clothes, shoes, and toiletries, take the advice of these “Pro Packers” that we found around the ONA19 conference. Their tip and tricks may help you find some wiggle room.

1. Small Items Go in Last
Many of us may pack items by moving from the smallest items to the largest items. This may not be the best idea when it comes to effectively packing. In fact, small items like socks and underwear should go in last.

“Always put socks and underwear in last because they can fit anywhere,” said Brittany Mayes, of the Washington Post.

2. Leave Some Extra Room
In anticipation of coming home with more than you left with, leave some areas in your suitcase open, experienced packers advise.

That way you won’t have to spend money shipping items from the conference site back home.

3. Leave as You Came
Resist bringing extras like bags for your shoes or a huge laundry bag. This will hinder how much you can bring back.

Don’t use shoe bags because then your shoes are confined and that can take up even more space. Fit them where they can fit. Also, don’t use a dirty clothes bag. Fold your clothes the same way going as coming to save space.

4. Give Yourself a Limit
It is easy to get carried away when coming to a conference that has so much awesome swag. To relieve the stress of returning home, limit the number of items that you will bring back with you.

Be picky about what you choose. While it may be difficult to choose from the extra bags, mugs, stickers, pens, and water bottles, limit the number of extra items you will need to accommodate to get everything to fit.

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